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Pihlgren ja Ritola oy manufactures design wallpapers. The mill has great collections of many kinds of wallpapers of Finnish as well as international designs. Mainly the traditional materials and methods are used. In addition, the production includes many kinds of printing methods like embossing or printing with special colours. Some special papers are used also. Lotura

Pihlgren ja Ritola is the oldest continuously working wallpaper manufacturer in Finland. We can proudly say that our collection of wallpapers is the finest in Finland.

Our wallpapers are really made of paper, not plastic, although there is very slight plastic covering on some models. Therefore our wallpapers breath well and are a healthy choice. They do not block houses ability to breath like fully plastic wallcoverings do.

Our wallpaper rolls are double rolls that are depending on the model either 11.2 or 10.05 meters in length and 53cm wide. In other units length is either 36.74 or 32.97 feet and width 1.74 feet.

Our wallpapers are easy to hang, because

  • Pasting is done with normal paste that does not have toxic substances
  • Do not have to be removed before hanging new wallpapers
  • Can be removed by moisturing
pr-wallpapers are also
  • Pleasant and easy to take care of
  • Unpasted and therefore more environmentally friendly
  • Wallpapered walls diminish echo better than painted wall
  • Do not have unpleasant fumes that come from paints

If you have any questions regarding our wallpapers, please contact us. Our email address is and we would be delighted to be of assistance to You.

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